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Ocean Trail Partners

A private investment firm

We are looking to acquire and manage one great privately held business.



Stable, Recurring Revenues


We are seeking companies with revenues between $4m and $30m.

Simple and Profitable


We are looking for companies with a simple business model and a history of profitability.

Strong Industries 


Industries with long term expected growth.

Low Capital Intensity 

High return on tangible capital.

Niche Industry


A specialized but profitable corner of the market.

Located in USA or Canada



Prior to founding Ocean Trail Partners, Amory Thorndike worked for a privately backed municipal Mosquito Control and Lake Management operating company, where he gained finance, marketing, and sales experience working directly under the CEOs. Previously, he worked for an investment management firm in Boston as an associate analyst covering the utility sector and covering private bank loans in multiple industries.  


Additionally, Amory earned his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2013. 


In addition to the founder, Ocean Trail Partners employs a talented team of interns to help source potential acquisition targets. Additionally, Ocean Trail Partners has an experienced investor base of entrepreneurs with outstanding track records of acquiring and growing businesses. 

Tel: 617-383-7548


Ocean Trail Partners

Contact Us

P.O. Box 956, Allston, MA 02134


Tel:  617-383-7548


For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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OCEAN TRAIL PARTNERS is a private investment firm formed to identify, acquire, and operate an existing private company. We offer business owners an attractive succession opportunity, with the comfort of knowing that the business is in the capable hands of a motivated team that will continue to build on the previous owner's accomplishments.

We are primarily focused on the company's characteristics, though industry considerations are also important. We are seeking a company with a history of profitability, future growth potential, and stable, recurring revenues as opposed to one off or project based revenues.  

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